The Destuckification Playground - Come play at the Playground!

The glam pirate zen preschool.

For grown-ups!

The Playground.

The Playground is a hidden, charming, slightly magical and extremely awesome center for play!

In Portland, Oregon.

It is also sometimes a pirate ship. On the mostly metaphorical high seas. A place to hide, create, refuel, and invent.

We have hammocks and napping and costumes and snacks!

People come from all over the world. To play. They bring a project, a wish, a dream or simply the desire to find out who they are when they are in a state of peaceful, curious, glee-filled discovery.

Come for the creative flow and the hot buttered epiphanies. And come back for the Refueling Station.

What happens at the Playground?

You play with your projects. You play with your stuff. You explore. You destuckify.

Magic. Voyages. You get things done. You get things undone.

You look for clews. You puzzle all the puzzles. You read and color and stretch and try things.

You find out what you’re like in an environment of shelter, exploration, freedom and delight.

And when no one inside your head is yelling “ASS IN CHAIR! GET BACK TO WORK!”

You get an outrageous amount of high-quality work done despite the lack of whip-cracking.

You discover hidden superpowers. You make un-fun things pleasurable and light-hearted.

You remember the incredible things that you already knew when you were small.

The Playground also has….

  • A studio for Shiva Nata and Old Turkish lady yoga.
  • A Refueling Station where you can hide and be alone.
  • A ship’s wheel and a mast and a napping corner.
  • A special Treasure Room.
  • Arts and crafts.
  • A Costumery for dressing up.
  • A Toy Shop because who doesn’t like toys.
  • And a Galley, for snacking and making tea.

Play makes destuckifying so much less scary. And way more fun!

We laugh, we play, we have epiphanies, we hide in blanket forts.

And we rally it up at the Rally (Rally!)

Also there are pretzels. In wine glasses.

Come play at the Playground!

Photos by Jillian Kay Photography. Click on a picture to enlarge and scroll through!